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How can you break your old habits with our new Holistic Healing Approach

Even if you have tried and Failed in the Past!

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Can we Ask you 4 Questions?

Have you experienced some form of trauma in your life with led you to addiction?

Have you been involved in any impulsive and high-risk Activities that lead you to a high loss of money that forced you to choose drugs and alcohol?

Do you feel that inadequacy, Helpless self-judgment, emotional trauma contributed to your substance abuse?

Have some sort of Mental Health disorders such as depression anxiety or PTSD. These disorders can lead to addiction too.

And you know what it’s not your fault. our human body has been designed in a way that wants to take the easiest way to solve a problem. That’s why you choose to go with the easiest way. and it’s okay, it’s totally fine

There is a solution that can bring effective results in your current situation.

After Consulting with multiple doctors, Consultants, therapists, psychiatrists and curing multiple clients, we have identified three very crucial ways to get rid of bad habits.

Take the First Step Toward Healing

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You must be committed to leave behind these bad habits. you must be willing to get rid of the addiction. because any other external force will become useless if you are not putting 100% into it.


Your Environment

You need to understand, that if your surroundings are bad then you definitely won’t get desired results. The people you spend the most time with determines the person you become. So, if you want to become addiction free, leave the bad company.


Lifestyle Change

Making significant lifestyle changes, such as avoiding triggers or environments associated with alcohol use, adopting healthy habits, engaging in regular exercise, and seeking out positive social activities, can support recovery efforts and reduce the risk of relapse


Break That Glass


No more Lines


No more Ash


No more Prescriptions

Introducing: Ayurzon Healing Program

Ayurzon Healing Center (AHC), a luxurious rehabilitation center near Vadodara, is a recovery-focused addiction treatment center, rendered by highly experienced psychiatrists trained in drug and alcohol addiction under international experts. The advice, treatments and facilities offered are for the benefit of family members and friends of addicts.

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How This Program Can Help You?

This program is not just a few doctors’ sessions and counseling. We Believe in and providing Holistic Healing. Holistic healing simply means we work upon your mind, body, and Soul at the same time. We have created such a environment at Ayurzon Healing Centre where whoever comes here get positive vibrations. You will be cut away from hustle & bustle of your city life.

once you come here, your attachment to nature increases, you indulge so much in various physical, mental, and emotional activities that bad habits start taking off from your life and you start a new fresh life.

Take the First Step Toward Healing

What do We treat?

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Alcohol Addiction


Drug Addiction


Gaming Addiction


Food Addiction


Social Media Addiction


Pornography Addiction


Gambling Addiction


Trauma & PTSD




Psychiatric Disorder


Why Ayurzon Rehabilitation Centre?

Take the First Step Toward Healing

Team Members

Dr. I R Rajkumar

MD, DPM | Medical Director

Dr. Parth Soni

CIH, DNB Psychiatry, PGDCH Psychiatrist

Ishant Kumar

Clinical Director | Clinical Psycologist

Zeba Jinwala

Clinical Psychologist


What all does it take to Break an Old habit?

- Your Willingness

All you have to do is schedule a call at your appropriate time and date. Then One of the Expert Team Members will Connect with you over call or Zoom.


We don’t take everybody inside this program. So first our expert will qualify you whether you are eligible for the program or not.


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Take the First Step Toward Healing


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